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Our history

The WOLF... everything for the FLOW

the founding fathers


Simon Drouin and Alexandre Duquette have been passionate about mountain biking since they were teenagers. They spent thousands of hours, shovel in hand, with a head full of ideas, over the past fifteen years. The idea of a Bike Park has been on their minds for almost as long as they've known each other. They carried out several construction projects, including skill trails for schools in the Eastern Townships (Jardins-des-Lacs, Le Triolet, La Ruche),  private projects. They also worked several weeks with established trail building companies. Owner of LVL UP MTB ( Simon is a full-time private and semi-private mountain bike coach and Alexandre Duquette is a physical educator. It goes without saying that  progression and learning is at the heart of their priorities.

The park

Unique in its kind, this small Bike Park, or big Skills Park, is focused on Flow , or fluidity. Trails are built to assure progression from intermediate to expert level. The optimal air time / risk ratio and the vast landing zones are one of the many highlights of the infrastructures.  On this unique 50-acre lot, optimal for trailbuilding , quality comes before quantity. The Wolf Bike Park is also a place to just unwind, feel good, appreciate nature and love life.


This mythical piece of land filled with history has belonged to the Béchard family for 3 generations. Alex Béchard and Ève Milanovic who are today the happy owners live there with their dog Bowie. You will probably have the chance to meet them during your visit since they are also responsible for the patrol. We are thankful for their generosity and their desire to share access to this magnificent forest where the Wolf Bike Park is born.

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