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Frequently asked Questions

Q: What are the rules ?


-All trails are one-way 

-Keep the paths clear

-Notify the patroller in case of an accident

-Respect closure of trails and site

-Progress at your own pace

Q: What happens in case of rain? 


R: We will decide to close or open the park the day before the activities, around 17h and 20h. Every participant will receive an email. In case of parc closure, you will be able to reschedule very easily in our system ! 


Q: Can I sleep on site, in my van or in a tent?  


A: No, we do not have the facilities for this and therefore it is strictly prohibited. 

Q: Can I bring my dog?


A: For everyone's safety; not in the trails, and dogs will have to be leashed to your car at all time.

Q: Can I come by e-bike?  

A: Yes, no problem! However, the uphills are short and easy, so an e-bike is not a real advantage here!  

Q: Can I have on-site coaching?  

A: Yes! Via the WOLF BIKE PARK or LVL UP MTB. Other schools / coaches are not authorized to conduct their activities on our trails.  

Q: Is there drinking water on site?

A: No! You must bring you own water.  

Q: Are there shuttles or other lifts?  

A: No, but our park is small and very condensed, which makes it easy to "lap" whether it's pedaling or climbing on foot with your downhill bike.

Q: What protective gear should I bring?  

A: Helmet is mandatory, full face helmet is recommended. Knee pads, goggle and elbow pads are also highly recommended. As the ascent is very easy, why not protect yourself more than less?  


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