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Your safety, our priority. 

In case you weren't already aware, mountain biking is a risky sport. Aerial and high-speed obstacles are multiplying on the trails everywhere, and the enthusiasm of cyclists is fervent. Our progression center aims to provide you with the steps and context to develop your comfort in the air and on the ground while maximizing safety. You can discover our main strategies below.

The logic of progression

Each trail prepares for the next. If you don't smoothly ride and clear every obstacle on the easier trail at least 4 out of 5 times, you're not ready to move on to the next one.

A successful descent is:

- Land each jump comfortably in the landing zone, in control and relaxed.

- Negotiate turns and steep descents without skidding, staying in control of your speed from start to finish.

If in doubt, do not hesitate to ask the person in charge on site to guide you to your next challenge. In addition, follow the indications on the main map and on the starting points of the trails to guide you in the skills required and the appropriate behaviors.  

ATTENTION our double black diamond trail called the Eclipse has significant gaps and requires an expert level of control. All of our other trails can be ridden without leaving the ground since the jumps are tabletop types.

Clearance zones


We have planned the layouts in order to have space free of obstruction in the critical zones. The areas most at risk of falls (following a feature) are emptied of logs and rocks in order to have a minimum of obstacles to hit in case of a mistake. Before trying a new feature check the area of  clearance to identify safe spaces to target in the event of a loss of control.


Our descents are short (descents of about 400m long, 1 minute downhill, 30 meters vertical downhill, 5 minutes uphill), but be careful, obstacles succeed each other without pause, you will need all your concentration to make it all the way down. The key to success in order to develop your fluidity and your ease on the different features is repetition. The descents are divided into short sections you can lap to promote the development of your skills. You therefore have the luxury of taking your time to discover, analyze and repeat the different features and gradually develop your comfort.  

speed management


We build our trails so that the speed for the features is as intuitive as possible. Successfully completing a feature will give you the speed needed for the next, you just need to pump in the right places. No heavy pedaling or heavy braking is needed to regulate the pace, the track naturally gives a good overview of the speed needed to clear each obstacle. During your first try on a feature, the ideal is to see at least one cyclist hitting it in control in order to give you a more precise idea of the necessary speed. Do not hesitate to ask cyclists who ride the feature with control and consistency for information on the approach, or even better, book a coaching with us or a progression session. ​

Our coaching SESSIONS


The best way to progress safely is to follow coaching sessions with our certified coaches. This will help you develop your skills and consolidate your knowledge. Better understanding the dynamics of movement by clarifying the mental image you have of it will lead to more consistency in your riding and will increase your fluidity, wich will then improve your pleasure and safety riding your bike ! 

The most important thing will always be SELF-RESPECT
listen and respect your limits
Be aware of your mental and physical state at all times
There is always a next ride to keep progressing, the goal is to have fun, safely! 
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